Trouble Loosing Weight?


Just one small drop can tell your current level of health!

Would you take a few minutes to learn how to be healthier, have more energy,
and have a better life?

Seriously, your blood is a HUGE part of your Health, yet most of us never bother to check it. If the water from a faucet is brown, would you drink it?
If you could see your blood and you saw contaminants, junk, dead cells, would you desire to fix it?


Now you can see your blood with the aid of a special microscope, and modern technology! You will be able to see what condition it is in,
how clean/contaminated it is, how energized it is, and how your nutritional level and digestive system are working.

Are you GAMBLING with your blood? Does your blood look like chips? Stacked all on top of each other? Maybe you have JOINT pain.
Often crystals are the cause.
Would you like to know if you have the early signs of CANCER? Your blood has the answer. Have you asked it?

Blood stacks on top of itself, and the result is poor circulation, which leads to less oxygen to the body. A solution to this is available without taking harmful drugs. Crystals in the blood affect the joints. Break up the crystals, and the joint pain goes away. White section of this dried blood sample reveals the possibility of cancer. Looking at your blood under a special high powered microscope can give you the answer.

Why use Dark Field Microscopy and what is it?

Dark Field Microscopy is a special microscope that allows the blood cells to be viewed with depth. Using this special microscope, we can easily determine the current condition of your blood.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Observe problems with protein, fats, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, sugar
  • Detect parasites, yeast, fungus, and mold
  • Detect leaky gut problems
  • Detect problems with uric acid excess
  • Identify situations associated with degenerative conditions.
  • Give early warnings of possible problems
  • And many more

Your local health care provider with over 20 years experience, Heather Soucey, has a Master's in Nursing (MSN), is a Registered Nurse (RN), a Nutrition Consultant (NC), and Certified in Microscopy (Dark Field Microscope blood analysis), Colon Hydrotheropy, and BTA Testing. She has worked at a variety of hospitals, and spent 5 years as a hospice nurse, and teaches nursing for the local universities.

Heather's passion is assisting people to have a healthier, happier life. She accomplishes this with the help of a blood analysis. She has the experience to teach people how to live a healthier life. Nurse Soucey with her microscope teaching about dark field microscopy.

What is your blood telling YOU? To find out schedule an appointment with Heather. Contact

One small drop of blood can tell you what condition your blood is in. The good the bad and the ugly!
Wouldn't you rather die of old age then from something as simple as a nutritional deficiency?

No I'm not a Christmas ornament! Why wait until next year to start getting healthy? Start today by making your
appointment with Heather and start having Healthy BLOOD Healthy BODY HEALTHY LIFE

Healthy person, but they found that their blood was STACKED and wasn't moving. Symptoms included tiredness, and inability to do much exercise even though they physically were in good shape. Giant Crystal next to stacked blood. Symptom included joint pain
Same person 30 days later after following the plan! What an improvement! The blood is no longer stacked, and instead of standing still the video shows it moving around. Now that the cells are clearly visible, we can also tell that this person is low on hydration, and possibly a few vitamins. Since blood cells last 120 days, it is important to stay on the plan. That way when new cells are born, they enter a nutrient rich environment which allows them to perform their task at optimal efficiency.

Take the first step to a healthy life! Contact Heather today to schedule your appointment!